Gianni Ventola Danese, Diatonic Accordion.

Released: Academy Records, 2014.

Genre: Tango.

Feat.: D. R. Poisa.

This is Tango, a music that incessantly speaks of life, of existences, of human affairs. And so playing it, interpreting it, is like telling stories, which open and close, in the short span of an emotion.

In this immense narrative epic, each piece arises from singular circumstances, from the intersection of more or less fortunate destinies, and spans more than a century of music, from the first compositions of the "Guardia Vieja" to the contemporary tango nuevo, always on the edge between sanguine life and deep meditation.

The Gianni Ventola Danese's project "Historias" is thus the musical synthesis of these two dimensions, the popular and the introspective, which come together in the encounter of two sonorities that represent and often exchange roles, exploring both of the two musical worlds just described.

The accordion, diatonic like the traditional Argentine bandoneón, brings the sounds wrested from the bellows, the lyrical breath of the bandoneón sound, and the rich chordal harmonizations. The cello, brings with it the solidity of the bass lines, the singing of the strings, the rhythmic percussion, and the guttural ponticello sounds.

The Argentine tango is explored here through the most celebrated masters of the historic Argentine school, Angel Villoldo, Fancisco Canaro, Rosita Melo, José Bohr, Enrique Saborido, Ariel Ramírez, Félix Luna, all the way to the new tango of the brilliant Astor Piazzolla and Plaza de Mayo, by Gianni Ventola Danese, the first piece belonging to the "tango nuevo" strand written expressly for diatonic accordion.

A project that, therefore, opens a new page in the repertoire of the diatonic accordion, an instrument for which the author of the project has been working for years to expand its musical literature and performance technique, without altering its organological nature.

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