The Multimedia Diatonic Accordion Online Course

Have you never played and do you want to start now? The diatonic accordion multimedia online course, designed and created by Gianni Ventola Danese, founder and President of the Italian Diatonic Accordion Academy, today is recognized in Italy and worldwide among the best educational tools for learning this musical instrument. Lessons are clear, simple and the intuitive interface provides the absolute beginner, as well as those who already play and want to make progress, with a source of information and advice of great value to address their study in the right way so that everyone can start to play right now!

Are you already able to play but you’d like to enrich your repertoire and improve yourself under the guidance of a professional teacher? The basic course includes also lessons given to advanced techniques The course includes also lessons, from basic to advanced levels, for those who want to get the best possibilities from their own instrument. An update repertoire of pieces constantly in evolution provides students with the opportunity to choose between tunes of different difficulty.

As a result of decades of experience in teaching this instrument, the online course offers an indispensable knowledge for studying diatonic accordion. The rigor and attention to the course contents refer to the traditional teaching of the great masters of this instrument, bringing the student gradually to the knowledge of wide and varied musical repertoires.

The fundamental purpose of this course is therefore to fill an educational gap which often limits or discourages the student. Not only that. The Italian Diatonic Accordion Academy has also thought to those who, having no time or opportunity to find a good teacher of organ in their town, want to play the accordion, acquiring step by step a proper approach and a varied and amusing repertoire.

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10 things you should know about the Online Course

1. The quality of a Masterclass in every lesson. You have the opportunity to study under the guidance of one of the best professional musicians in the world who specializes in this instrument, and without having to move from your home.

2. Forget class schedule and calendar. With the Online Course, it is easy to balance your private life with music study. No time constraints or teacher availability as with in-person or Skype classes.

3. High-quality video and audio. No need to buy expensive webcams or microphones, no problems with grainy video or noisy audio, as is the case in Skype classes.

4. Take class as many times as you like. Is something unclear to you, do you want to repeat and better review an exercise, an entire lesson, or a tune you have forgotten? Lessons can be viewed and replayed countless times.

5. High quality at an affordable cost. The Basic Course is equivalent to two years of lessons. The Course therefore caters to all those who want to study with a professional teacher without spending a fortune.

6. One piece of music, one lesson. Getting an in-person tune taught means at least 2 or 3 lessons. With the Online Course, each song is taught in one lesson, you pay just for one lesson, and you can repeat it as many times as you want.

7. The teacher is always by your side. A doubt, a question, or simply a desire to discuss musical and interpretive issues? Assistance and dialogue between teacher and student are always guaranteed.

8. Take a lesson in the key of your accordion. It doesn't matter what key your instrument is in. It's not a problem since all Online Course videos can be heard in the key of your accordion.

9. Customize your study plan. Are you no longer a beginner, but are you looking for specific teaching? Are you interested in a particular musical repertoire? Take only the lessons you need, based on your needs and musical tastes.

10. No technical limitations. Study wherever you want on any mobile device. The Online Course is compatible with all computers, both Windows and iOS, and all mobile devices such as smarthphones and tablets, both Android and Apple.