The Multimedia Diatonic Accordion Online Course

Have you never played and do you want to start now? The diatonic accordion multimedia online course, designed and created by the Italian Diatonic Accordion Academy, today is recognized in Italy and worldwide among the best educational tools for learning this musical instrument. Lessons are clear, simple and the intuitive interface provides the absolute beginner, as well as those who already play and want to make progress, with a source of information and advice of great value to address their study in the right way so that everyone can start to play right now!

Are you already able to play but you'd like to enrich your repertoire and improve yourself under the guidance of a professional teacher? The basic course includes also lessons given to advanced techniquesThe course includes also lessons, from basic to advanced levels, for those who want to get the best possiblilities from their own instrument. An update repertoire of pieces constantly in evolution provides students with the opportunity to choose between tunes of different difficulty.

As a result of decades of experience in teaching this instrument, the online course offers an indispensable knowledge for studying diatonic accordion. The rigour and attention to the course contents refer to the traditional teaching of the great masters of this instrument, bringing the student gradually to the knowledge of wide and varied musical repertoires.

The fundamental purpose of this course is therefore to fill an educational gap which often limits or discourages the student. Not only that. The Italian Diatonic Accordion Academy has also thought to those who, having no time or opportunity to find a good teacher of organ in their town, want to play the accordion, acquiring step by step a proper approch and a varied and amusing repertoire.

Christmas Sale 2017

It's Christmas time! Catch the chance to study and play with the Diatonic Accordion Multimedia Online Course by the "Italian Diatonic Accordion Academy" (Accademia del Mantice), the professional online tutorial for diatonic accordion, the most effective and appreciated in the world.

An extra free lesson for each lesson package purchased from 6/12/2017 to 6/1/2018. Take advantage of the promotion by purchasing a package of lessons on the Costs and Payment page. After purchase, send an email and request the free extra lesson on your choice!

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