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Instructions and requirements

In order to optimize your experience of our online courses, it’s important to follow the following tips:

  1. To access the online courses, you don’t need to install any additional software other than the Flash plug-in, which is a common feature in every computer. If your PC doesn’t have one, in every single lesson page of the online courses the possibility to download it for free is available, without any security problem for your PC.
  2. Whenever you purchase new lessons, in order to see them on your personal page is suggested, after login with username and password, to reload the personal page through the “reload” icon present in all browsers or just by pressing the F5 key.
  3. If you have any problem browsing the lesson pages, follow these simple steps to reload them correctly.

    1. Google Chrome. In the browser menu go to “Settings” and then click “Advanced Settings”, “Clear browsing data” in the new window that will open, click again on “Clear browsing data”. Wait for the completion of the operation and then press F5 to reload the page.
    2. Mozilla FireFox. On your browser’s menu select “Tools/Options” and in the “Cache” board click on “Empty Cache now”; press “OK” and close the “Options” window. You can now press F5 to reload the page.
    3. Internet Explorer. On your browser’s menu select “Tools/Internet Options” and then select “Delete Files” from the “Temporary Internet files” box; press “OK” and close the window. You can now press CTRL+F5 simultaneously and reload the page.


Online Assistance

In case of any technical problem, to all of our students, the Accademia del Mantice offers a free tutoring service via chat or toll free number. It is possible to contact our phone support tutoring service, prior scheduling, by clicking here.

Both chat and free phone conversation can be done through Skype, free software that you can download by clicking here.